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Two friends from Newport, Wales and New York, USA share pictures of their passion for beer. Read more...

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The tasting room at Lost Abbey / Port Brewing in San Marcos, CA.

The unique looking tap handles at the Ironfist Brewing Co. Tasting Room in Vista, CA.

Josh Neff from the Ballast Point Tasting Room about to pour one of the excellent beers on offer. An impressive 20 beers are available to try including some more unusual beers like their Indra Kunidra curry export stout, Jalapeno Smokescreen and 12% Barmy Ale made with apricots and honey.

A bartender dispenses Full Sail beer at the brewery's tap room in Hood River, OR.

Hair of the Dog is a brewery and tasting room near the eastern side of the Willamette River in downtown Portland, OR. The brewery was established in 1993 and is known for Fred, its complex barleywine made from ten hop varieties from fiver different countries.