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Two friends from Newport, Wales and New York, USA share pictures of their passion for beer. Read more...

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Swan Market

Swan Market is a traditional german meat market in Rochester, NY. Aside from all the awesome meat on the menu, they also pour german beer. It's a great place to kick back and share a pitcher with friends..(side note: that was Spaten in the pitcher. Not Blue. I swear)

Beer Selections at The Owl House

Draft beer selections at The Owl House. This is one of my favorite restaurants/bars in the Rochester area. If you haven't been here yet, what are you waiting for? Amazing food, beer and cocktails. Lovely to see them keeping it local with both 3HB and Genesee beers on tap.

Barrel Aged Marshal Zhukov's Imperial Stout

A bottle of 2010 Barrel Aged Marshal Zhukov's Imperial Stout from Cigar City Brewing. A fantastic beer. In the background is can of Surly Coffee Bender.

Columbus IPA

Honestly one of the best American IPAs I've had in ages. If you are ever near Ohio, pick yourself up a bottle of this from the brewery. Strong simcoe notes in the nose and perfect bitterness. Two thumbs up! Thanks to Bob (and his wife!) for the gift of this bottle. Photo taken at the Hoppy Daze festival at Monty's Krown in Rochester, NY.

Drink up!

A very big cheers to all of our loyal readers. Thanks for all your kind words. Here's a taste coming at you from a local festival. The beer is made by Custom Brewcrafters for a pub called Hose 22. Cheers!

Magpie Pub

Yet another local Rochester pub. Honestly we have so many good pubs here, it's hard to choose from. But here is the lineup at Magpie Pub, an Irish pub in the Park Avenue area. They serve up a mean corned beef sandwich here as well.

NSCS Corner Store Selections

We have many great local businesses that cater to the craft beer scene here in Rochester. One of those is Nathaniel Square Corner Store in the South Wedge. NSCS is located next door to John's Tex Mex, which also serves a great craft beer selection. Not in the mood for Mexican? NSCS serves up fantastic breakfasts and lunches. Looking for a new beer to try? NSCS regularly does craft beer tastings at the store. Follow them on twitter at @nathanielsquare. How many beers in this shot can you name?

Even my cat loves a Hooky!

Everyone loves a Hook Norton beer...even my cat. She loves to eat all my favourite foods so it's really no surprise that she is showing interest in one of my favourite breweries. This was a Hook Norton Double Stout. Unfortunately I had to pay highly inflated prices to get this beer here in the states.

Genny Bock

My friends toast to the goodness that is Genny Bock. Who doesn't love the can design on these? You know spring is on the way when you find Genny Bock on the shelves.

Five good selections from one of my favorite local bars. Featuring a local beer, Genny Cream Ale, as well as a beer most of us wait all year for...Nugget Nectar. At Acme on Saturdays every draft, bottle and well is 2 for 1. Can't beat that deal.