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November, 2012 Archives

Having my growler filled with a Genesee Blonde from the new setup

The Cosy Club is an eclectic pub/café located in the heart of Cardiff. Opened in November, this is the largest Cosy Club out of the five that are located in Taunton, Bath, Stamford and Salisbury. You can view more photos of the venue on Travels with Beer.

The Hopping Pig is a gastropub located in the Gaslamp District of downtown San Diego. They serve around 15 or so beers with many originating from breweries in San Diego and other parts of southern California. The two pints on the bar belong to me and Kim (I think she’s hiding behind me).

The Yard House is a chain of bars across the United States and each bar has between 130-250 different beers available. This particular Yard House is located in downtown San Diego.

Beers at the Holborn Whippet in London are dispensed from a central brick column with keg on one side and cask on the other. Tiles above the taps are used to display helpful information about each beer.

Like all BrewDog bars, their 2 floor Manchester bar on Peter Street features their characteristic ‘industrial’ interior with a brick bar and exposed brick walls.