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April, 2012 Archives

The interior of Globe pub in Moorgate, London. This shot was taken at 10am on a Tuesday morning hence the lack of punters.

The Victoria is a quirky pub located near New Street Station in the centre of Birmingham, England. The building dates back to the 19th century and is located next door to the New Alexandra Theatre. The inside has an interesting decor with odd paintings of giraffes and lions in clothes and artwork on the ceiling. Four ales are avilable along with keg offerings from Brooklyn and Freedom. They specialise in cocktails and their trained staff will attempt to make anything you want. They also have one of the best selections of whisky and bourbon in the city.

Camden Brewery recently announced their bold new branding. They worked with a Colorado-based company that had worked with Utah's Uinta Brewery and the result is certainly striking. This shot was taken a few weeks at the brewery whilst the labelling was still being finalised.

This decorative stained glass window is on the Fleet Street side of Ye Olde Bell Tavern in London. The pub was built in 1670 after being destroyed by the Great Fire in 1666. Prior to the fire, a pub was on the site since 1500 when it was known as the Sun. You can read more about the pub and view the interior on Travels with Beer.

Mendocino Brewing Co., Ale House, Ukiah, CA

The Mendocino Brewing Co., Ale House was opened in June 2011 after relocating from nearby Hopland where the brewery was originally based. You can view more photos and read a review on Travels with Beer

The Three Tuns, Bristol

The Three Tuns is located in the Hotwells area of Bristol and dates back a couple of centuries. It has been owed by Arbor Ales since 2010 who not only gave the pub a much needed renovation but now also supply an execellent selection of both their own ales and guests from around the country. The pub is a sports-free zone and holds regular beer festivals throughout the year.