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December, 2011 Archives

They don't serve any beer in this cider house, one of only a handful of traditional cider pubs left in the UK, but it's a must visit. As well as traditional cider they also sell a variety of wines such as gooseberry, parsnip, apricot and sloe. The landlord is very old school and doesn't tolerate any bad language. He has also been taken to court for refusing to serve a pint to a woman.

I love this custom wallpaper at Beerd in Bristol. It features classic beer mats or labels from US breweries many of which no longer exist or have been bought by other breweries. I think there may be the odd European brewery mixed amongst them along with a couple of custom Beerd mats.

Beerd is a new bar from the Bath Ales Brewery. Located in Bristol, the pub serves a range of cask ales from non-Bath Ales breweries and keg and bottled beers from around the world. You can view more photos and read a review on Travels with Beer.

A trio of unusual looking hand pumps at the newly opened Bath Ales bar Beerd in Bristol, UK. You can view more photos of the bar and read a review on Travels with Beer.

One of the windows at Brew Dog Camden that's decorated with some of their popular beers. You can view more photos and read a review of the bar on Travels with Beer.

A bartender dispenses Full Sail beer at the brewery's tap room in Hood River, OR.

Jef Versele, seventh-generation Brewer of Brouwerij Van Steenberge in Ertvelde, Belgium pours a glass of Gulden Draak directly from one of the lagering tanks. As well as Gulden Draak, the brewery also produces St Stefanus abbey beer.

Sometimes the simplest names are the best. The Beer and Ginhouse in Ghent, Belgium stocks a large range of Belgium beers and jeneva (gin).

A St Stefanus branded glass at the Sint Stefanus Monastery in Ghent, Belgium. The monastery is the birthplace of St. Stefanus Belgian abbey beer and the it first started brewing beer in 1295.

The exterior of Brew Dog's latest pub in Camden, London. You can expect to find around 10 Brew Dog beers permanently on tap as well as guests from around the world and an impressive bottle list. You can view more photos and read a review on Travels with Beer.