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March, 2011 Archives

Despite it's basic interior, the Pig Inn the City is an award winning Gloucester pub that serves an excellent selection of well kept ales. The building dates back to the early sixteenth century and there as been a pub on the site since 1535.

The excellent Falling Rock Tap House in Denver, Colorado. The pub features an impressive 75+ beers on tap and 130+ different bottled beers.

The Old Green Tree is an old pub in the historic city of Bath, England. It's about as traditinoal as you can get. A microscopic bar serving a good selection of real ales, 2 ciders and just one lager - Budvar. There is 1920s wood panelling throughout as well as an original lounge and smoke room.

Shove Ha'penny is a traditional pub game played on a small, smooth board, normally made of wood or slate. A number of parallel lines run horizontally across this board to form beds. Ha'pennies (either halfpenny coins or similar sized discs) are placed at one end of the board and are shoved with a quick flick of the hand. The object is to shove the coins so that a certain number of them (normally five) lie between the lines. The game is surprisingly difficult and takes a lot of skill.

The Lamb is a Grade II listed Victorian pub that was probably built around 1729. The pub is one of a few pubs in London that retain the snob screens above the bar. Despite the sign featuring a picture of a Lamb, the pub is named after William Lamb who in 1577 rebuilt a water conduit in the area thus restoring a clean water supply to residents. The street on which the pub is located is called Lamb's Conduit Street.

Cooper Smith's is a large pub and microbrewery located in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado. Around a dozen beers are usually available covering a wide range of styles.

The Fat Cat is an award winning pub located in Norwich in the east of England. Located in a residential area of the city, the unassuming pub has an excellent range of beers including up to around 30 cask ales, a large selection of bottled beers and imported foreign beers and lagers on keg.

This is how the excellent Welsh brewery, Otley Brewing Co., turn up to beer festivals. This particular beer festival was the 2010 Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival held in Cardiff, Wales.

The Wasdale Head Inn is a remote pub and hotel in the west of Cumbria in north west England. The pub is surrounded by England's tallest mountains and is where British rock climbing began. The pub has an excellent beer garden and I love the giant 'Inn' sign painted on the side of the building which allows walkers to spot the pub from a distance.

If you're a fan of Odell you will love the selection available at the brewery. With pretty much every beer they brew (apart from some seasonals) being available, you will easily spend a couple of hours here trying them all. A must visit whilst in Colorado.