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Two friends from Newport, Wales and New York, USA share pictures of their passion for beer. Read more...

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The Wasdale Head Inn is a remote pub and hotel in the west of Cumbria in north west England. The pub is surrounded by England's tallest mountains and is where British rock climbing began. The pub has an excellent beer garden and I love the giant 'Inn' sign painted on the side of the building which allows walkers to spot the pub from a distance.

If you're a fan of Odell you will love the selection available at the brewery. With pretty much every beer they brew (apart from some seasonals) being available, you will easily spend a couple of hours here trying them all. A must visit whilst in Colorado.

The Guy Fawkes Inn proudly displays a sign saying that Guy Fawkes was born on the site in 1570. This may or may not be true as there's also a similar sign around the corner on Stonegate. He was baptised in a church across the road so it is probably that he was born in the area. The current building dates from the early 1700s and they always serve a good selection of locally brewed ales. You can read a review of the pub on Travels with Beer.

The Wellington in Birmingham, England features an impressive 16 cask ales that are forever changing. They do a great job of informing people when the beers change and you can view a live list of their beers on their website. You can read a review of the pub on Travels with Beer.

The small but very busy and well stocked bar at the excellently named House of Trembling Madness in historic York, England. View more photos and read a review of the pub on Travels with Beer.

Traditional pub grub courtesy of the Southampton Arms, London. Pork and pickle pork pie, pickled eggs and piccalilli washed down with a pint of Thornbridge Italia.

Take a failing London boozer, strip it back to the bare boards and add a cracking selection of locally brewed ales and ciders and you have the excellent Southampton Arms. As well as the great beer and cider they serve quality food such as pork pies and vegetarian scotch eggs.

@Hardknottsooty poses for a photo during the tasting of the new version of the Æther Blæc imperial stout from Hardknott Brewery at Pivni in York.

Pivni is an award winning pub located in historic York in the north of England. Located in a timber framed building dating back to 1190, Pivni has an excellent selection of beers from around the world inlcuding a wide range from Brew Dog, Bernard, Timmermans and beers from less well known breweries such as Camden Town.

This London pub takes it's name from Queen Charlotte, wife of the 'Mad King' George III, who was receiving treatment for his apparent insanity at a doctors house in the square. The Queen assisted in the nursing of her husband, by cooking for him and rented a small cellar beneath the pub, where she kept special foods for him. The building dates from 1710 and is currently owned by the Greene King brewery.