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Two friends from Newport, Wales and New York, USA share pictures of their passion for beer. Read more...

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The Pelican Pub and Brewery is located in Pacific City on the beautiful Oregon coast. The brewery has been operation since 1995 and they serve a large selection of core and seasonal beers. It is well worth a visit and it probably has one of the best views of any pub on the Oregon coast.

A quintet of tasters from the Hair of the Dog Brewing Co. in Portland, OR. Featured are Ruth, Doggie Claws, Fred and Adam.

The Green Dragon Bistro & Brewpub is a popular pub owned by Rogue Ales. Located in the inner southeasten part of Portland, it serves an impressive 60+ beers from around the US. You can view more photos and read a review on Travels with Beer.

Sour beer heaven at the Cascade Brewing Barrel House in Portland, OR. As well as the 'normal' beers, they also serve around 10 sour beers including two straight from the barrel.

Tap handles at the Ice Axe Grill in Government Camp, Oregon. The brewpub is home to the Mt Hood Brewing Co and is located at the base of Mt Hood. None of their beers are bottled and their kegs can only be found in the state of Oregon.

A bartender dispenses Full Sail beer at the brewery's tap room in Hood River, OR.

Hair of the Dog is a brewery and tasting room near the eastern side of the Willamette River in downtown Portland, OR. The brewery was established in 1993 and is known for Fred, its complex barleywine made from ten hop varieties from fiver different countries.

Rogue Ales Public House, originally named the Bayfront Brewery, was established in May of 1989. Rogue brewed its beers there until 1992 when the operation was moved across the bay. When I visited in September 2011 I spent around 6 hours at the pub drinking great beer, eating good food and meeting interesting people. Good times.

The illuminated sign outside the Full Sail brewery in Hood River, OR. The brewery has an excellent tap room that serves the full range of Full Sail beers and has an excellent view of the Columbia River from its rear terrace.

Just a small sample of the beers available to taste at the Full Sail Brewing Co. in Hood River, OR.