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Two friends from Newport, Wales and New York, USA share pictures of their passion for beer. Read more...

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Located in the posh St James's area of London, the Golden Lion can trace its history back over three centuries. The present building is around a century old. The St James's Theatre, a favourite of Queen Victoria and was managed by Laurence Olivier and his wife Vivien Leigh in the 1950s. The pub contains a Theatre Bar upstairs which contains many items of memorabilia. This shot of the pub showing how it is wedged between two much more modern buildings.

The Old Contemptibles pub is named after the First World War heroes, the British Expeditionary Force led by General Sir John French, who suffered heavy casualties in holding up the German advance at Mons. Kaiser Wilhelm II ordered his men to exterminate French's 'contemptible little army', leading to the nickname that we now proudly remember and which also stuck to the 1914 Star medal - The Old Contemptibles' medal. The Birmingham pub, named as the best-designed pub in the country in 2008, is decorated with First World War murals, campaign maps and the pub sign is a recreation of the 1914 Mons Star Medal. There has been a pub on the site for more than two hundred years and has been known as the Adelphi Wine Vaults, the Albion Hotel and since 1953, the Old Contemptibles.

The Old Bell is an historic pub located on Fleet Street, London. It was built by Sir Christopher Wren in 1670 and prior to that, Wynkyn de Worde, former assistant to England’s first printer William Caxton, installed a printing press in the same building as a pub located on the site in 1500. The pub was built has a hostel for workers rebuilding St Brides Church which is located to the rear of the pub. The church is thought to have been the inspiration for the traditionally tiered wedding cake. You can read a review of the pub at Travels with Beer.

An ornate sign above the entrance to The Feathers in St James's, London. The pub is a stone's throw from New Scotland Yard and around a few corners from Buckingham Palace. The building in the reflection is the headquarters of the London Underground.