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Great British Beer Festival, 2012

The very impressive Olympia Grand Hall in west London is the venue for the 2012 Great British Beer Festival. It is the first time that it has been held at this venue since 2005 and had to move due to Olympic volleyball being held in the festival’s usual home of Earl’s Court. The hall dates back to 1886 and was once the largest building in the UK covered by one span of iron and glass. This year’s festival runs from August 7th to 11th and features 800 beers and ciders.

The Pork Scratchings Mountain is a regular feature at the Great British Beer Festival. As it's constantly replenished, I don't know if the 'mountain' ever gets below 3 feet high.

If you want to smoke at the Great British Beer Festival you can't take your beer with you so you have to let this steward look after it. In order to remember where you put your pint, you place it on a playing card.

One of the fridges at the Great British Beer Festival. This fridge was well stocked with American beers at quite reasonable prices.