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Two friends from Newport, Wales and New York, USA share pictures of their passion for beer. Read more...

December, 2011 Archives

The Craft Beer Co., is a popular pub located in the Clerkenwell area of London. It features an impressive 16 cask ales plus the biggest range of craft keg beer in the UK. In total there are 37 beers on draft plus over 300 bottled beers.

Hair of the Dog is a brewery and tasting room near the eastern side of the Willamette River in downtown Portland, OR. The brewery was established in 1993 and is known for Fred, its complex barleywine made from ten hop varieties from fiver different countries.

Rogue Ales Public House, originally named the Bayfront Brewery, was established in May of 1989. Rogue brewed its beers there until 1992 when the operation was moved across the bay. When I visited in September 2011 I spent around 6 hours at the pub drinking great beer, eating good food and meeting interesting people. Good times.

A pint of Wadworth 6X ale in the 17th century King's Head in Bristol. The pub dates to 1660 and the bar (apart from the counter) dates from 1865. You can view more photos and read a review on Travels with Beer.