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De Hems, London

Located on the small Macclesfield Street at the northern entrance to Chinatown, there has been a pub on this site since around 1685 when the Horse and Dolphin coaching inn was built. The inn survived until 1890 when it was demolished and replaced with a new pub called the Macclesfield. The name of the pub survives in the nearby Horse and Dolphin Yard.

Early in the 1900s, a retired Dutch merchant seaman named Mr De Hem bought the pub and converted it into an oyster bar. At that time oysters where extremely popular in London and De Hem decorated the walls of the pub with the shells of the oysters consumed. Originally placed on the walls downstairs, the 300,000 or so shells were transferred upstairs to what became the Shell Room and then in the 1950s all were removed.

The pub took the name De Hems in 1959 and in the 1980s it became the Dutch themed bar that it still is today.

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