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Two friends from Newport, Wales and New York, USA share pictures of their passion for beer. Read more...

December, 2010 Archives

I love pub interiors like this. The Spaniard's Inn is a London pub dating from 1585. It is supposedly the birthplace of the legendary highwayman Dick Turpin but this is unlikely. One thing that definitely did happen at the pub occured in 1780 when a group of rioters were detained at the pub by the landlord. He kept the drink flowing whilst he called the army who arrested the hoodlums and marched them down to Newgate prison in the city where they were promptly hanged.

Inside the excellent Trinity Brewing Co., in Colorado Springs. They usually have up to 10 of their own beers available as well as up to 15 guest beers from other breweries in Colorado and the rest of the US. I visited during GABF so got to try some excellent guest beers including Avery The Beast which took me all night to sip (alongside other beers of course).

The George is a Victorian pub located in London's West End. The pub is owned by the Greene King Brewery and like many Victorian pubs is decorated with a lot of wood and etched mirrors. You can view more photos of the pub on Travels with Beer.

Not all pouring stations at the Great American Beer Festival were this strict/organised.