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The Old Contemptibles, Birmingham

The Old Contemptibles pub is named after the First World War heroes, the British Expeditionary Force led by General Sir John French, who suffered heavy casualties in holding up the German advance at Mons. Kaiser Wilhelm II ordered his men to exterminate French's 'contemptible little army', leading to the nickname that we now proudly remember and which also stuck to the 1914 Star medal - The Old Contemptibles' medal. The Birmingham pub, named as the best-designed pub in the country in 2008, is decorated with First World War murals, campaign maps and the pub sign is a recreation of the 1914 Mons Star Medal. There has been a pub on the site for more than two hundred years and has been known as the Adelphi Wine Vaults, the Albion Hotel and since 1953, the Old Contemptibles.

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